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I'm a self-driven product design leader, championing user experience through technology for social good.

In my 10+ year career, I have solved many complex user problems on my own, but perform best when leading a team. I'm not afraid to get "into the weeds", but know when to pull back and empower team members to own their work. With the right strategy and process in place, it's easy to improve design maturity, product direction, and user satisfaction.

Design Strategy

When tackling new projects, it's our job to make sure our users get a seat at the table. It's no secret that user experience takes a hit when trying to build things fast and cheap.

To start improving UX maturity at your company, a foundation must be built with the adoption of design principles, a streamlined UX process, organized team structure and a robust design toolkit.

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Design Process

As the manager of an enterprise UX team, it is extremely important for all collaborators to be aligned on process. Working with product and development teams early on has helped us get into a good cadence of delivering designs backed by research and testing.

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Some of my past work

About Me

Growing up I have always had a passion for design, whether drawing video game characters on paper or learning how to add special effects to my photos using Photoshop. At one point, my love for technology even introduced me to creating music and video editing. However, it wasn't until I took my first programming course that I found out my love for writing code.

I graduated college with a degree in software engineering, learning various programming lanugages such as C++, Java, and even machine language. Writing code in the back-end was great at first, but my design itch never left me. I wanted users see my work so I could measure user success through delight and satisfaction. Using my engineering background, I was able to teach myself HTML, CSS, and Flash (yikes) through online tutorials and W3Schools. By shifting to the front-end, I was able to marry my love for writing code with design and turn it into a successful career.

Currently I am the User Experience Manager at Herbalife where I spend most of my day collaborating with business, product, and development teams to create new tools for our users. Throughout my career I've been fortunate to work with small businesses to large corporations, and even co-founded my own startup. I've helped design large scale products like CRM tools, E-commerce stores, and several native apps for iOS and Android.

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I love food, so if you know of a place in L.A. that has great food make sure to let me know.

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