Project: E-Commerce Store

When launching the Home Products Store, we went through a complete branding redesign introducing our new product line under Cisco. I was able to create web pages from the ground up, and turn them into templates for re-use if needed.

Using analytical tools like Omniture we were able to conduct A/B testing, measure the impact of changes to the UI, and capitalize on successful merchandising methods. During my last three years I spent as the E-Commerce web designer, our team experienced record sales year-over-year.

Project: Internal Phone Ordering System (HTML Only)

For most of our platforms, we heavily depended on third party vendors. Sometimes this did not give us the flexibility to build web pages from scratch or leave room for customization. I was given the task to redesign our Phone Order E-commerce (POE) store, an internal web application used by employees to take orders with customers over the phone. However, this redesign came with one caveat - it had to be built solely HTML.

Even with this limitation the final product came out much better than I expected. We greatly improved usability and navigation, allowing phone order technicians to react quickly to customer questions and feedback. There also was a clear emphasis on promotional visibility, giving them the necessary tools for locking in a sale.

Project: Internal HR Portal

When I transitioned to the designer position, one of my first projects was to give our company's Human Resources portal a facelift. The portal used an outdated CMS and the content was extremely bland. As it was an internal website, it was not the highest of priorities so we were faced with a low budget and small implementation window. I had to come up with a solution that was cost-effective, improved the user experience, and required a reasonable level of effort.

I focused on navigation and user flow, bringing previously deep linked content which was most valuable to our users to the forefront. Finally, I used imagery and rich content to make various sections more attractive and recognizable.

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